Hp printer suddenly starts printing pages upside down how to resolve ?


Resolution for the issues happening while printing the pages:

Call HP tech support 360 solution +1-844-443-7544. Upside down print error use to occur due to miss configuration   of the setting and setup installation.

Basic steps:  It may be due to the software update or windows update. These types of issues happen.

  • You have to check that is it able to print from other computer or not and do check with other app while testing process.
  • Try with hp E-Print phone   app or you can check by using Microsoft word or PDF print.
  • Do verify with the HP support powered by HP to see how the devices are connected and status of the printer and the drivers.

To download the HP support Assistance software follow the link.-

You may call our HPTECHSUPORT360.COM technician to get on call support and onsite visit. Dial toll free USA & CANADA : +1-844-443-7544

Once you find that other devices are able to print successfully without any upside down print error that means your app or device is generating an error.


Now to fix the issue you can reinstall the printer and settings:

  • Go to the control panel uninstall the HP printer.
  • Check back to the programs and features if you printer is listed there please remove the device from listed printers.
  • Remove the temp files from your computer, press windows key along with letter R box will open then you have to type %temp% it will open up a folder and now you can select all files listed in that folder and delete them permanently.
  • You can run registry cleaner and adware removal tool for better result.
  • Download the drivers by visiting the official hp website here is the link please follow:

Click add device and select your printer model from the list accept the term and condition to get this installation completed.

Now try by printing a test page and you will find the printer is working absolutely fine.


If problem is not resolved Hp printer technical support call +1-844-443-7544 to get your other issues resolved as well.

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