HP Pavilion series notebook not able to connect with WIFI Network

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If HP Pavilion series notebook and computer is not communicating with the WIFI network there may be several reason about it. You may pick up one that you are facing now.

  1. Not able to connect with the WIFI ( Problem arising with the Brand new or trying to connect for the first time )
  2. Not able to connect with the new router or network.
  3. WIFI network suddenly disappear trying to connect generating error.
  4. HP Pavilion Not able to forget the old network password to assign with new password.

There may other reasons why not able to connect with WIFI network.

In order to resume the functionality of the HP Pavilion series you must have to go through the following steps.

Solution for the first problem

  1. For the brand new computer : Visit the website link in order to download the required drivers and install them correctly.


Once installed, click on the icon on the right hand side bottom of the computer screen just before the date and  time.  Once you click on tower icon it will give you an option to select network that you want connect with.

Toll Free Number  USA & CANADA : +1-844-443-7544


Solution for the Second problem

  1. Turn of the WIFI else visit control panel of the computer so that you can forget the old connection and disconnect the network if any other connected.
  2. Try to restart the computer and try again with password and it will be connected even though if problem persists call out +1-844-443-7544


Solution for the Third and fourth problem

  1. If you are connected and facing a reconnecting issues, most of the times it occurs due to windows update required or any other application trying to overwhelm the property of the WIFI network .
  2. Not able to forget the password how and where please follow the below instruction to continue with the solution and once you done that you can start searching for network available.


If problem is not fixed and still need support assistance over the phone call now toll free number for USA & CANADA  : +1-844-443-7544

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